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RockShox 30 Silver TK

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2018-2023 Judy, 30, Recon Service Manual Single Crown Fork User Manual

Torque Values

Warning: Incorrect tightening of bicycle components can lead to damage, accident, injury, or even death. The accuracy of provided values is not guaranteed; always check directly with the manufacturer.
Bolt Name Tool Torque (Nm)
Bottom bolts 6.8
Retaining screw - coil spring preload adjuster knowb, compression knob, and remote spool 1.4
Brake hose guide bolt Finger tight
Set screw - remote cable stop collar 0.1 - 0.3
Quick release lever Tension is sufficient if lever leaves and imprint on your hand and the adjusting nut is engaged with at least 4 threads on the axle
Fender bolts 1.2
Top caps 12.4


2.5 mm Hex Wrench

2 mm Hex Wrench

5 mm Hex Wrench

24 mm Socket


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