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Shimano RX100 Shifting Brake Lever

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Torque Values

Warning: Incorrect tightening of bicycle components can lead to damage, accident, injury, or even death. The accuracy of provided values is not guaranteed; always check directly with the manufacturer.
Bolt Name Tool Torque (Nm)
Outer stopper (down tube) 1.47 - 1.96
Installation bolt 5.68 - 7.84
Stopper screw 1.5
Fixing bolt 3.92 - 4.9


3 mm Hex Wrench

5 mm Hex Wrench

Phillips screwdriver

8 mm Socket


Shimano RX100 Shifter 2 and 8 speed restore service clean disassembled


How To Change Yamaha RX100 Brake Pedal Lever (Work Done At Garage, Not By Myself)

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How To Fix Shifter Not Catching/Clicking - Won't Shift

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