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Shimano Shimano 600 Ultegra Brake Lever

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Caliper / Brake Lever


5 mm Hex Wrench

Torque Values

Warning: Incorrect tightening of bicycle components can lead to damage, accident, injury, or even death. The accuracy of provided values is not guaranteed; always check directly with the manufacturer.
Bolt Name Tool Torque (Nm)
Installation bolt 5.88 - 7.85


NIPNSCI Bike Chain Tool, Bike Repair Kit, Bike Multitool, Skate Tool, Bike Tire Repair Kit, Chain Breaker, Multitool, Bike Tool Kit, Mountain Bike Multitool for Mountain Bike, Road Bike


Bike Tool Kit,8 Professional Bicycle Repair Tools for Mountain Bike with 3-in-1 Cassette Remover Wrench Crank Puller Extractor Bottom Bracket Freewheel Remover Link Pliers Chain Breaker (8Pcs-Black)


LETUSPORT Bike Spoke Adjustment Wrench Bicycle Rim Truing Tool Set of 2


Park Tool PS-1 Bicycle Disc Brake Pad Spreader

$11.95 $17.99

Park Tool Master Link Pliers MLP-1.2

$16.95 $19.68

27 Piece Bike Tool Kit - Bike Tools Maintenance Repair Kit - Mountain/Road Bike Bicycle Repair Tool Kit With Storage Case


Odoland Bike Repair Tool Kit, Bicycle Maintenance Tool Set with Multifunction Tool, Wrench and Tool Box, Perfect for Repair Tyres, Brakes, Lights, Chains, Pedal, Mountain Road Bike, 26 in 1


Bicycle Tire Levers 3 Pack - Ultra Strong Tire Removal Tool for Road or Mountain Bike Tires.


Gorilla Force Ultra Strong Bike Tire Levers | 4 Pack | Lava Red


4 in 1 Bicycle Bike Pedal Wrench Bicycle Pedal Removal Tool with 320mm Extra Long Handle Multifunctional 15mm 9/16in MTB Pedal Removal Wrench and 6-8-10mm Hexagon Hole for Biking Maintenance & Repair



Clean, Lube & Repair Shimano Integrated Brake Shifters (Brifters)

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Converting Down Tube Shifters To Brifters - Bicycle Maintenance - Shimano 600 Ultegra


煞變把維修 Shimano STI Shifters 600 Ultegra ST-6400 Repair 1/5


How To Recondition Road Bike Caliper Brakes

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Shimano 600 STI Shift Repair 1/2


煞變把維修 Shimano STI Shifters 600 Ultegra ST-6400 Repair 3/5


How to fix a Shimano STI shifter that won't shift

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What Happens When You Install Wrong Parts - W Brake Hoods On Shimano 600 Brake Levers - Bad IDEA |4K

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How Your Shimano Road Hydraulic Lever Works!

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Shimano rim brake caliper Service, overhaul and maintenance (Dura-Ace, Ultegra, 105, Sora, Tiagra)


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